Her smile is tough
Her skin too rough
Her soul is wise
Shes a fighter at heart
she loved so deeply
even the universe fell for her.

Untitled poetry

She seemed to breathe easier at night,
There was an awe to her voice,
A wild look in here eye,
A danger to her smile
As she waltzed with her mischievous spirits.

Untitled Poetry

She’s been feeling it for a while now,
She hasn’t been herself,
she is lost but does not want to be found
just yet,
her reality has changed,
she’s held on to the pain in her chest for too long
its manifested her into someone she can’t see,
she dances with her shadow as it steals pieces of her soul,
Under the city lights her laugh ripples through the winds
It’s a wild adventure of reawakening.

Untitled poetry

My soul is dressed in mourning
with a smile tattooed to my lips,
my words are empty
my mind is hazy,
you stay in me like a shadow,
this herb of smoky dreams
can only remind me of your touch,
share this night with me,
dance your hands over my body,
feel wild with me.


Ive never found
soul so beautiful,
His demons enamored me,
His gloom was cosmic,
I devoured it like a drug,
I never craved
touch so
much it ached
my soul.


It was 3 am when i got the call

like a drop of rain

I crashed onto the pavement

and prayed to any god that would listen

“please let him be okay”

Blinking lights of red and blue

I raced down the highway

running every red light

I could feel your life drifting away

I knew the moment I looked at your mother’s face

Now you wear a halo and golden wings

Reality has forced me to realize you are gone

Time has not been a comfort but a burning toll

Your death has left an ache in my soul

I live with the ghost of unsaid goodbyes

Don’t be fooled by my expression

Its just a reflection of my façade

At night when I stumble into bed drunk

I’ll cry my still tears and whispher to the moon my gloom


They call themselves men of faith

and stand on the platform of religion,

They taint the earth’s soil crimson

and fill the skies with clouds of grey,

The bodies of women and children wither away degraded to nothing but ashes,

Their screams fall on deafening ears,

It is a ghastly sight

Death could only stare,

Birth to wreckage

They divide the nation,

Some are confused

Other are conflicted

What is the truth?

The pungent smell of evil

looms over the world

and we can only watch it burn.

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