I’m the girl who stands in the background quietly gazing at the skies lost in her own world.

I’m the girl who’s crazy enough to jump from cliffs and dive from plane’s. Im the girl who chases danger and tastes like sin, I’m girl who believes in magic and fairlytales but can’t learn to love for shit.

I’m the girl who laughs in the face of death but is scared to live. I’m the girl who loves to stand in the rain and get soaked to the bone. I’m the girl who gets her heart broken because she can’t speak the truth. I’m the girl who gets lost exactly at moments she finds herself.

I’m the girl who smells like catastrophe and leaves destruction in her path. I’m the girl who runs barefoot into the forest to chase creatures that might not exsist.

I’m crazy and wild and maybe even a little insane. I burn brightly but crash like a fallen star.

I’m a walking paradox.